The new plan

Since I’ve changed my movie I’ve been enjoying working on it a lot more because it’s less stressful and I don’t have to rely on anyone else. The new movie is about a girl, Olivia El Sheikh, who is running from the law via hitchhiking. A nice man, Kody Toot, picks her up on the side of the road and when she asks to use the bathroom he pulls over.He checks his car’s oil as she uses the bathroom when he notices that she’s been taking an extremely long time and hasn’t heard from her. He goes off to look for her and make sure she’s ok when he hears her scream,at that point he takes off running. When Kody arrives to where the scream came from he finds her jacket on the ground and begins to think the worst… until she attacks him. She hits I’m over the head with a branch which knocks him out, she takes his keys and takes off in his car. I’ve officially finished filming and have began to edit and put everything together. In some of the videos I can hear myself whispering instructions to them which I picked up on after I watched the videos and had to go back and re-film those scenes. I used Olivia and Kody in my last project for AICE Media Studies and they have made my project b=much more manageable and they were the ones who actually helped me come up with the hitchhiker story line. I like my new plan more than the one I had before.


My plans to go out on the boat to finish filming keep getting canceled or pushed back so I decided to switch my movie topic so I wouldn’t have to rely on any one else. I changed it to a movie about a girl who, who’s on the run, hitch hikes a ride and later attacks the driver to take his car and to flee. I was able to film the same day I changed the idea and have already started to put it together. Although my original idea I really liked, it was beginning to cause more issues than I wanted and I didn’t want it to effect the outcome of my project. This way, I used my own truck ad a neigh hood park-  Hugh Taylor Birch State Park- and was much easier to handle tun having to take a out the boat where weather, the boat’s condition and other people’s plans were all factors in whether or not we could go out on the boat.

Finally filming

I finally began to film and it went really smooth. A few of my shots weren’t as perfect as I had hoped because its hard to get some shots without the professional equipment. We were moving through the whole filming process so it looks a little shaking but its supposed to be taken on the boat so what can you do. The weather wasn’t amazing when we went out so my GoPro shots are fuzzy because the water was murky so were going to redo those tomorrow while the sun is out. I want to fund a song to play in the background of the opening but I’m not sure what song or what kind of song to play. I’m not really sure where to even start looking.


I want to start filming already because I want to start editing and putting everything together incase I need to use extra tim ego fix anything up. I’m hoping to move filming up to saturday morning before work so I can have some buffering room because I’m starting to cut it close. I’m excited to see how everything will come out in the end and how much of my planning will change once we start filming. It’s hard to get everyone together  but it’s do-able, once we start I think we can get the filming done within two days, the weather should be looking up since it has been rainy the past couple of days so it’ll make for good filming and boating conditions.

The plan for Sunday

The boat lift has been fixed and we plan to film Sunday afternoon after Danielle gets off of work. We may only film the first few scenes because Anthony and Kallie may not be able to make it. I can edit the first few scenes and put in the opening sequence while we wait to film the rest. We’ll have a short amount of time to film because we’ll have to try to do it before the sun sets and it gets too dark but I think we can get it done.

Minor Set Backs

I couldn’t film today as planned because Danielle’s boat is on  lift, so it stays out of the water when it’s not being used, but the lift broke yesterday when her dad brought it back in. For me to take out my boat I would need my dad to trailer it to the boat ramp for me however he works until 6 today. I’m going to try to film again over the weekend, hopefully on sunday before I have to work. Only two of us work so our schedules should be easier to work with so we can get this done this weekend or next week. Once we get the boat on the water all the filming will fall into place.

First day of filming

Over the weekend, and today, I had work and a wedding, preventing me from filming over the weekend. Not to mention it was rainy and not nice enough out to take the boat out to film. Too rough of waters could lead to the camera getting yet or one of the actors getting sea sick and could result in a very rough ride – beating up the boat. I changed my plans on where to film a few times since my pitch, I changed it from the Everglades to Hillsboro Inlet, because the Everglades wasn’t a reliable option because it was a far drive and the area often closed, and from the Inlet to the open ocean because the open ocean made more sense for my film considering there would be less of a chance of running into signs of civilization. It would also make the film more dramatic. I plan to stick with the Ocean because it will be easier and more realistic.