The new plan

Since I’ve changed my movie I’ve been enjoying working on it a lot more because it’s less stressful and I don’t have to rely on anyone else. The new movie is about a girl, Olivia El Sheikh, who is running from the law via hitchhiking. A nice man, Kody Toot, picks her up on the side of the road and when she asks to use the bathroom he pulls over.He checks his car’s oil as she uses the bathroom when he notices that she’s been taking an extremely long time and hasn’t heard from her. He goes off to look for her and make sure she’s ok when he hears her scream,at that point he takes off running. When Kody arrives to where the scream came from he finds her jacket on the ground and begins to think the worst… until she attacks him. She hits I’m over the head with a branch which knocks him out, she takes his keys and takes off in his car. I’ve officially finished filming and have began to edit and put everything together. In some of the videos I can hear myself whispering instructions to them which I picked up on after I watched the videos and had to go back and re-film those scenes. I used Olivia and Kody in my last project for AICE Media Studies and they have made my project b=much more manageable and they were the ones who actually helped me come up with the hitchhiker story line. I like my new plan more than the one I had before.

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