History of Titles

Our teacher for AICE Media had us read an article on film titles for an assignment. To sum it up in a sentence it told me that titles grew over time to be short, sweet and to the point while holding the views attention enough to be interested in knowing more about the movie. I learned that the directors names, studio name and logo and movie title come first because it is the most important aspect of the movie making. Industries tend to use easy to read fonts, sizes and colors because it will catch the audience’s attention and stand out well enough for the view to see it with ease. The font and color of the title often has a correlation to the movies team and plot, it’s a way to summarize the form of the movie in its title. The art behind the title tends to use leading lines toward the title or use some kind of hard where the title stands out or where the art leads into the title.

My Pitches

My two pitches that I presented to my teacher were:

  1. A group of teens find themselves lost in the Everglades with nothing but each other. For these kids, it’s survival of the fittest.
  2. Today should be the day Thomas gets married, but the love of his life is marrying someone else. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

We chose to do the first one because it’s more practical for me to do, I don’t have access to a wedding venue, but I do have access to the Florida Everglades and know the area well enough to make the first one look realistic. The first one might also be more fun to make, who doesn’t like getting a little dirty and playing outside for a movie?

Pitch Blog

A pitch is a Hollywood term to describe an idea where a whole film is described in 25 words or less, usually with one sentence. Our assignment for our final task is to make the first two minutes of a movie we’ve come up with ourselves. Our teacher had us come up with two pitches for two movies that we would want to go see. Since the movies had to be original it was hard not to come up with something that wasn’t already done. Once I came up with two pitches I sat down in a meeting with her and picked the best one out of the two for my project.

Final Task Group

For my final task I’ve decided to work alone. I’ve worked on the rest of the projects alone so far and it’s gone smoothly. I found it much easier to work alone because I have a busy schedule so I can do film and edit when I can without having to worry about my partners’ schedules interfering. Although, I often enlist the help of my friends who have taken the class previously for assistance in all aspects of my projects, so I’m never alone when I need help. Working alone is definitely the best way for me to work on these projects, especially this one.

Introduction Blog

My name is Dana Ridout and I’m a senior at Fort Lauderdale High School. I’m taking AICE Media Studies because I started making videos for my family of our family vacations and I really enjoyed and decided to learn more about it. I really enjoy the class and enjoy our projects from music videos to commercials and including our newest project: a movie. Not a full movie, of course, of the first two minutes of one. I’m excited to see how everything turns out and to actually film it and put it together.


Filming the commercial wasn’t as fun as filming the music video but w still laughed a lot and enjoyed ourselves. I ran into a complication because Olivia wasn’t at school today so I tried to find someone else I could use and wound up asking Danielle to help me. This project was more difficult because it was in class only because I had to film everything on campus and bring all my props in. I haven’t completely put the commercial together so I don’t know if it looks cheesy or not yet but I really hope we did a good job at avoiding it. My final task is to do a voice over and put everything together on the computer.