Filming the Music Video

I couldn’t begin to film my music video this weekend because I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday as did one of my actors while the other one I had recruited went out of town. The actors I chose aren’t in my class since I’m working alone on this project but have or are taking the class also. Olivia will be the girlfriend while Kody plays the boyfriend who goes on his lucky streak. Since I didm’t the time to film I started looking around for places that would be good to film in and I found a few local Shell gas satins that would work. I still haven’t found the perfect house to have Kody and Olivia fighting in or road in which I plan to get a shot of Kody driving down on his way to begin his lucky winning streak. Other than that I have all other props for the video accessible and ready for whenever everyone is free and ready to begin.


I plan on doing the first minute and fifteen seconds of When It Rains It Pours by Luke Combs, I won’t need to edit the song its self because it ends perfectly at the 1:15 mark. I can’t decide of making the video some what humorous or keeping it serious is better. For example, when he sings about deep sea fishing in Panama if showing my actor fishing in a puddle or a small pond for a wishful daydream feel or if i should show him fishing off the pier or the boat for a realist look. I have decided to give the video a daydream idea by having the video start out with a scene of a couple fighting which leads to her leaving him. He ends up heartbroken but then decides to go for a drive to a shell gas station and buying a lottery ticket and winning, which he had never done before because she thought it was stupid, which he filled up his tank and bought two twelve packs, of soda of course. His winning lottery ticket starts his lucky streak leading to him winning a vacation on the radio where he goes fishing in Panama. He makes the phone call to the radio station where he won the free vacation on his way home and once he arrives he walks back through his front door to find that he had been day dreaming and was still fighting with his girl friend. At the end of the video he leaves her to live out his day dream.

Intro Blog

My name is Dana Ridout and this is my senior year at Fort Lauderdale High School. Outside of school I enjoy anything outdoors including going to the beach, fishing, photography and sports. My friends are an integral part of my life, sometimes I find myself ¬†going to their houses after school rather than my own. In school my interests are anatomy and psychology, in these classes I find myself excited to take notes and to go home and study them. I’m taking AICE Media Studies because I find an interest in the industry of film whether it be music videos or movies, and I want to know about it and be better at making my own.